Pastor David Klinedinst

Living An Evangelistic Life Ministries

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Pastor David Klinedinst serves as the Director of Church Growth and Evangelism for the Chesapeake Conference in Columbia, MD.  He previously served as the resident Evangelist and seminar speaker with the Iowa-Missouri Conference for the Saint Louis Metro area.  He has been involved in various forms of evangelistic ministry for 20 years: serving as a district pastor, Personal Ministries Director, and full time evangelist.  He conducts public evangelistic campaigns in the United States and overseas, and teaches practical training seminars on witnessing and personal evangelism. 

He has spoken in the United States, as well as in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. His desire is to see a passionate, mission-minded, lay driven church where each member is looking for opportunities to plant seeds for Jesus. David’s passionate style of speaking has engaged both Caucasian and African-American audiences, as well as multi-cultural congregations.

David has been married for 22 years to his wife, Marquita. They have two precious daughters, Melaney, 13, and Emiley, 10. He loves traveling and is always ready for a good game of basketball.  Marquita is a registered nurse, but most important, his partner in ministry. She speaks for various women’s ministries retreats and prayer conferences in North America and beyond. Her website is